Latex rub-remove ink (scratch-off ink)

Alchemy is highly experienced in the application of scratch off inks. Producing up to 50 million scratch cards per month makes Alchemy one of the main producers of this type of work.

Achieving a reputation for being the most knowledgeable in the industry it would be difficult to find any other Company capable of handling the volumes Alchemy can.

Guillotining the cards to finished size and distributing them to various destinations is optional. The experience Alchemy has in this ‘niche’ sector is second to none. 

It is always advisable to discuss potential jobs first in order that everything done at the printing stage is compatible with the scratch off ink and to ensure the latex ink completely obliterates the image or text you’re trying to ‘hide’.


There are many different colours of latex ink to choose from however the most common, readily available and cost effective is silver. Other colours are manufactured to order and substantially dearer.

160,000 sheets of SRA3 to B1 can be coated, trimmed and packed per day.

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