Alchemy Coatings  
Meeting requirements, exceeding expectations
Alchemy Coatings are a specialist coatings Company offering a range of bespoke coatings to the print industry. With over 20 years’ experience in the application of liquid and film coatings to pre-printed paper and board the ‘Alchemy team’ provide an exceptional service with the highest standards of quality.

The most up-to-date coatings technology, combined with production operating 24 hours 7 days a week enables Alchemy to provide a consistently reliable service to all of its’ Customers. 

Customer Service
Alchemy’s commitment to Customer service is second to none; endeavouring to accommodate Customers requirements night or day regardless of lead-times or volume. Collecting and delivering orders, offering same day, next day, while-you-wait and overnight turnarounds sets Alchemy apart from its’ rivals.

If you would like to know more about the services Alchemy offer and cannot find the relevant information on this website please do not hesitate to call or email with your enquiries.   

Alchemy Coatings Services include:
Spot UV Varnish
High-Build UV Varnish
Overall UV Varnish
OPP Film laminating
Window Laminating
Magnetic Laminating
Remoist gumming
Glitter varnish
Rub-remove latex (scratch-off inks)
Foil Blocking
Phosphorescent ink
Scratch & Sniff ink
Silver Metallic UV ink

Alchemy Coatings - Spot Varnished Business Cards


Alchemy Coatings and Print Finishers

Alchemy Print Coating Services

Alchemy Coatings - Spot Varnish Image - Alchemy Coatings - Overall Varnish Image Alchemy Coatings - Glitter Varnish Image - Alchemy Coatings - Film Lamination -
Spot UV Varnish Overall UV Varnish Glitter Varnish Film Lamination
Alchemy Coatings - Scratch Off Latex Ink - Alchemy Coatings - Remoist Gumming - Alchemy Coatings - Die Cutting - Alchemy Coatings - Guillotining -
Latex Rub-Remove Ink/
Scratch & Sniff Ink
Remoist Gumming
(lick & stick)
Foil Blocking Guillotining