Glitter Varnish
Glitter Varnish is an alternative to the standard glitter coating, which falls or wipes off easily. There are several particle sizes to choose from and dozens of different coloured glitters. It can be applied in any shape or pattern to paper and board from SRA3 to B1 size.

Historically it was predominantly applied to greetings cards, gift wrap and gift tags however it is now regularly used on a wider range of products such as packaging, folders, brochures, menus and magazine covers. Once the glitter is applied to the product it does not rub or fall off without significant abrasion.


It is important when designing a job to ensure the Glitter Varnish coating is not being applied to any area that requires creasing, folding or guillotining. Up to 120,000 sheets per day can be processed however it is always advisable to give as much notice as possible for larger runs in order that the job can be booked in to the production programme.

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